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Sheri Hixon: Blog


Posted on April 24, 2013 with 1 comment

Happy April All! Wishing the warmth that Spring brings. Thanks for listening.


July 27, 2013

My book that I read was What a Great Idea by Stephen M. Tomeck. I was very interested in this book besauce it informs you on most of the inventions that have helped us in our daily lives today. My favorite chapter in the book was the age of electricity and communication 1799-1887. They talked about all the inventions that use the invention electricity. Some inventions have helped other scientists make their inventions. My favorite is the telephone besauce today I use one and people would only be able to communicate by mail if we did not discover electricity. I think it was a great invention it has impacted people’s lives besauce they are getting better at making phones that can multitask. When you are a big CEO of a company you could get a phone that helps organize meetings while talking on the phone. I gave this book 5 star. The other chapters were interesting too. In one part of the book they talked about bow and arrows and different weapons. They have helped us today also throughout the years. I could not keep this book down either. Usually I am not a big fan of non fiction books but this book was a great one. I never got bored reading it andthey had great pictures of the inventions on each page. I hope many who have not read this book will read it too for how many facts you can get out of it.